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​Why spend money on seal coating?  Asphalt will begin to age and deteriorate from the day it is installed and has an effective life of generally 15 years, depending on a variety of factors. Seal Coating, crack sealing and pothole repairs as part of a regular maintenance plan have been documented to extend the life of asphalt pavement by as much as 400% delaying the costly expense of overlaying for many years. And it will give your property an attractive “like new” look.

What is asphalt sealer? And how is it applied? Asphalt seal coating is a mixture of refined tar emulsion, water, clay, aggregate and other additives designed to seal and protect the asphalt surface against the damaging effects of rain, sunshine and petroleum spills. Seal coating is applied by a squeegee or by mechanical sprayer. Either method is acceptable provided the proper application rate required by the manufacturer is achieved.

Why do some seal coat jobs fade so quickly and/or turn a gray color? Seal Coating material begins as a concentrated liquid that is job mixed with typically 30% water and 1 pound of aggregate per 1 square yard. Unfortunately, some contractors can add additional water that will not affect the initial color and the unsuspecting customer will never know the difference for 3-6 months, at which point the seal coat will begin to wear prematurely and turn a grayish color. S.A.M. will never over dilute the concentrate and we mix all our seal coating material precisely per manufacturers standards and specifications. 

How long will my parking lot be closed? The proper drying and curing time for seal coating is 24 hours. It will dry to the touch in a few hours. But because seal coating dries from the top down, it is important to allow the proper amount of curing time necessary for the materials to condense and mesh together for strength as they cure. In practical terms, we will keep an area blocked off overnight to achieve the proper curing time.

Can the disturbance to my business be kept to a minimum? S.A.M. will prepare a written work schedule in conjunction with the property owner’s input that will allow for orderly work to be done in pre-determined sections. This allows a business to remain open with limited disruption and no surprises.

What kind of warranty does seal coating come with? S.A.M. offers a one-year warranty against product failure. Because seal coating is a protective coating that will wear with time, you may notice the color beginning to fade slightly but that does not necessarily mean product failure. We do guarantee the product will be applied exactly per manufacturers direction and specifications.

When is the best time of year to seal coat asphalt? Seal Coating should only be applied when the air temperature is 50 degrees and rising as well as 24 hours prior to and 24 hours after application. Typically in the South Carolina/Georgia Low Country the season lasts from late March to late November. Although seal coating can be done year round in our area depending on weather conditions, extreme caution must be used if applied out of season. The optimum time of year is generally mid April to mid October.

Can I have an independent test analysis performed on the seal coat material used on my project? Absolutely. S.A.M. encourages independent testing by the owner. We always mix seal coat material exactly to the manufacturers specifications and therefore welcome the customer’s decision to hire an independent testing firm to perform product analysis so the customer will have peace of mind with the seal coating process.

What causes asphalt to fail?  Asphalt is a very durable product that will last for years, but it is not immune from forces that will cause it to fail. The three main causes of asphalt failure are water, sunlight and traffic loads. These forces slowly weaken asphalt over the years from exposure to the elements and use by vehicles. Seal coating of asphalt will protect it from the destructive forces of water and sunlight. 

What type of traffic paint do you use?  The finishing touch to a new seal coat project is the replacement of pavement markings. S.A.M. uses only acrylic traffic paint that meets or exceeds Federal Specifications on all our projects. The traffic paint will compliment the look of your new asphalt and keep it that way for years to come. 

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