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​Seal Coating

Seal coating of asphalt surfaces is one of the most important aspects of a solid asphalt maintenance strategy. Seal coating protects from the natural elements such as rain and sunshine, as well as drippings of oil and gas, which soften and dissolve asphalt pavement. 

Benefits of Seal Coating

Protection against UV rays- Sunshine causes the “graying” effect of asphalt, which is an oxidation process that causes the asphalt to slowly lose its pliability and become brittle with age. Applying seal coating reflects the UV rays and extends the life of the pavement.

Protection against water intrusion-Water from rainfall, car washing, cleaning, etc. can penetrate the surface of asphalt, as it naturally has small voids in the pavement. Once water penetrates the asphalt layer, it can dramatically increase the deterioration of the sub base material supporting the asphalt. Seal coating can greatly reduce the amount of voids in asphalt, thereby reducing the amount of water that can penetrate and damage the sub base below.

Beautification-Seal coating, when properly mixed and applied, provides a rich, beautiful, like new black color. It will project a positive image of quality that reflects well on the business establishment or residential application.

Seal Coating resists petroleum spills-Whether it’s gas spills from “topping off” at a fuel facility or leaking oil and fluids from parked cars, all petroleum products will soften and begin to dissolve asphalt. Seal coating with a refined tar emulsion is impervious to petroleum products, thereby helping to prevent costly repairs such as potholes or re-surfacing.

Liquid Bituminous Coatings

A Liquid Bituminous Coating is the newest type of asphalt coating that utilizes the latest technology combining rubberized fibers for strength, modified polymers as a bonding agent to hold the emulsion together, and additional aggregate for improved skid resistance. Liquid Bituminous Coatings are a budget conscience choice versus asphalt overlays.

Benefits of Liquid Bituminous Coatings

Protection against the Elements- Liquid Bituminous coatings provide all the same protection against the natural elements, but because it is applied thicker, has superior life versus seal coating.

Beautification-Liquid Bituminous Coatings will restore the like new look of asphalt surfaces for a fraction of the cost of asphalt overlays.

Safety-Liquid Bituminous Coatings contain two to three times the amount of aggregate normally found in seal coating for increased skid resistance making Liquid Bituminous Coatings a suitable product to be used on streets and roads with speed limits up to 35 miles per hour. 

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is important to stop the intrusion of water into the sub base below the asphalt layer. Small cracks (up to ¼”) can be sealed through the seal coating process. Larger cracks require a hot liquid asphalt mixture to be applied directly onto the cracked area.

Benefits of Crack Sealing

Prevention of water Intrusion-The strength of asphalt is only as good as the crushed stone base below it. If water is allowed to penetrate, the rock base will become “mushy” from the water intrusion, and as traffic drives over the asphalt it will reflect much more than if the rock base is not wet. This will cause the asphalt to fail much quicker than normal. 

Prevention of Crack Acceleration-Once cracks begin to develop in asphalt, they should be dealt with quickly. Cracks will accelerate and grow in size due to water, sand, and chemicals and the effect they have on asphalt. Properly sealed cracks will slow down or stop the growth of the crack all-together, and extend the life of the pavement.

Asphalt Repair

When asphalt is not properly maintained, it will eventually fail and “potholes” will develop. It is important to correct potholes as soon as possible because they will get larger very fast, especially in cold or wet environments.

Benefits of Asphalt Repairs

Preventing a Costly Repair-The single most important reason to address a pothole immediately is to prevent a major expense. Potholes will increase in size very quickly, especially if water is present from rain, irrigation, or cleaning. Cooler weather will also influence the rate of deterioration of a pothole.

Preventing a Liability-Potholes can become rather deep in a short period of time. This can cause major damage to a vehicle if hit hard enough by destroying expensive wheels, tires and alignments. It can also become a tripping hazard which could lead to injured customers and guests.

Pavement Markings

A newly striped parking lot will emphasize quality, safety, efficient traffic flow and maximum usage. 

Benefits of Pavement Marking

Focus on Quality-A newly striped parking lot will make a bold statement that you care about the look and quality of your parking facility. It will project the image of a quality operation.

Focus on Safety-A newly striped parking lot will assist people and vehicles in movement around the parking lot helping to create pedestrian spaces, as well as vehicular spaces that are readily visible and marked.

Maximize Usage and Traffic Efficiency-A properly laid out and marked parking lot will maximize the available space by creating specific parking spaces. It will increase the efficiency of moving vehicles also by providing easy to see and follow directions of vehicular flow.

Adherence to ADA Guidelines-A properly marked parking facility will be done to ADA Guidelines which is not only the right thing to do, but could prevent costly issues from non-compliance.